Christina Aguilera vs. Lady Gaga: Jealous Much?

May 17, 2010 By:
Christina Aguilera vs. Lady Gaga: Jealous Much?

Christina Aguilera is trying her hardest not to sound like she’s super jealous of Lady Gaga. Xtina has recently been compared to Gaga, which has annoyed her because she hasn’t been in the music game as long.

When interviewed by Out Magazine about the Gaga comparisons, Christina answered, “Oh, the newcomer? I think she’s really fun to look at.”

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Pretty strange to call Gaga a “newcomer” if you ask us. Yes, she has only been around for a couple years, but she’s so talented that people are calling her the next Madonna!

Christina inserted her foot into her mouth today and backtracked with a statement on her website. She wrote:

Dear Fans,

I would like to take a moment to clarify something that has been brought to my attention this morning. It is very easy for comments to be taken out of context and create unnecessary drama-especially between us women. So I would like to tell you all directly so my words can not be misconstrued to sell someone else’s story…I have absolutely nothing against Lady Gaga or any other female artist in this business. I think she is great, and I appreciate any woman fearless enough to go against the norm. She has earned her success with hard work and a clear focus and I have nothing but respect for that.?There is room for all of us on everyone’s iPods.

This is not the first time I have been unfairly pitted against another female artist but it will be the last time I comment on the matter.

“Can’t hold us down….”

With love,?C/X

Nice try covering, Christina! It’s ok to admit you’re a little jealous of the hottest singer in pop music!