News On Xtina's Upcoming Album

June 11, 2008 By:
News On Xtina's Upcoming Album

Christina Aguilera is indeed a working mother. She is ready for a new album and she wants something pretty different and futuristic.

Her friend and musical director, Rob Lewis says that Aguilera took them to Kanye West's concert to analyze his work because she's thinking of working with him.

Rob says,

"When I talked with Christina in Vegas about a week and a half ago, she was concerned about how she would sound vocally, because she hasn't been singing much at all...since TOUR! So I asked her had she been recording, and she said that she was working on some things, but not really singing. (Of course, Christina sounded powerful and great as usual)

I know that for this next album, she wants to go to more of a "futuristic" sound. She invited me and Sasha to accompany her and Jordan to the Kanye West concert in LA, where the whole time, we analyzed his performance, the staging, the music, etc. She even asked my thoughts on a collaboration between him and her...

I don't quite know where she is in the recording process. I usually help her produce her vocals for all of her recordings, outside of the records she does with Linda Perry, and will most likely become involved when she starts to record from home. But I can tell you that what you will see and hear from Christina will be different, original, and probably against the grain: the true form for Christina...always re-creating herself."

A Kanye and Christina collaboration would be AWESOME!! Both are talented beyond belief and it would be really exciting to hear what they come up with.