The Voice Season 2 Premiere Recap

February 6, 2012 By:
The Voice Season 2 Premiere Recap

The second season of The Voice premiered last night after the Super Bowl, to capture the audience who watched the game, err well, the wives and girlfriend of the audience who watched the game.

Here are some of the highlights of the Season 2 premiere:

A former mouseketeer auditioned, as in, this guy named Tony Lucca, who appeared with Christina Aguilera on The Mickey Mouse Club back in the day, auditioned for The Voice and Christina had no idea who he was. Then, someone told her who he was and she was all like, “Omigawwwd, how are youuuuu?”

Blake Shelton then predicts that a country singer is going to win, and judging by the track record of shows like American Idol, he’s probably right.

Shelton told People mag, “I know anything can happen, but I really believe in my heart that one of several country singers that we have on our show this year have a shot at winning the whole thing.”

However, Adam Levine doesn’t think country stars are famous enough (He’s obviously never heard of Taylor Swift).

When a country singer named Jesse auditioned and sang the Pistol Annies hit “Hell Oh Heels,” Shelton said, “I can make you a country star” and Levine goes, “Why would you want to be a country star? Wouldn’t you want to be even bigger than that?”

Ouch. Country music: 0, Adam Levine: 1.

Then Adam Levine got in a fight with Christina Aguilera when she called him a “used car salesman.” Great Joke Christina, Paula Abdul used that line on Simon Cowell in 2004.

The fight started when Levine and Aguilera were bickering over who gets to coach the singer Juliet Simms and Levine says, “Christina Aguilera is one of the best singers on earth, but not one of the best coaches” so then Aguilera says, “Adam used to be a used-car salesman and is trying to be Justin Timberlake.”

Oi vey. The singer ended up choosing Cee Lo Green as her coach after he told her, “You turn me on.”

So that’s what happened on The Voice. Are you watching American Idol or The Voice? Both? Or just waiting for The X Factor to return?