Christina Milian to Be New Social Media Correspondent on The Voice

October 27, 2011 By:
Christina Milian to Be New Social Media Correspondent on The Voice

Christina Milian will be acting as the twitter correspondent on the next season of "The Voice." Remember Christina Milian? She's that chick who hmmm.... married to...sang that song about.. oh right, she's responsible for the 2001 smash hit single, "AM to PM" and for starring in the straight-to-DVD film, "Bring It On: Fight to the Finish."

Apparently the Cheetah Girls were unavailable and Christina Milian was the next best thing. Whatever, her career needed it.

So anyways, on the last season of "The Voice" Alison Haislip was the social media correspondent for "The Voice" meaning that she basically just hung out backstage with the contestants and trolled twitter to find out who was using "The Voice" hashtag. It's an ultimately useless position, but whatever, Christina Milian will now be doing that.

Milian tweeted the announcement, "I'm officially your eyes and ears behind and beyond the stage for The Voice so if you're a major fan you may wanna follow me!"

This is either an official announcement or a cheap way to get more followers. But it's true, since then she's been tweeting several times per hours at her "Voice" co-workers. For example, "@carsonjdaly make's amazing Bloody Mary's!" and also, "OMG I smell bacon wrapped hotdogs here at @nbcthevoice backstage! Where r they hiding!!!!?????"

Ok, she's just rubbing it in our faces now.

Paul Telegdys, NBC president of alternative programming released this statement that claims that Christina is perfect for the role.

"Christina's extensive musical background and widespread recognition make her the perfect choice for the role of Social Media Correspondent on 'The Voice,'" he says.

"Her experience as a singer will provide a comfort level to our artists when they speak to her about the ins and outs of the competition."

Milian's role is to "bridge the gap between on-air and online," from "'The Voice' Social Media Room." Her job title is to engage fans and connect them to the contestants and judges via Facebook, Twitter, and NBC Live.

They are definitely making her job seem more important than it actually is. C'mon, she basically just shows up to tweet. That's what "Social Media Correspondent" really means.

Season Two of 'The Voice' premieres after the Super Bowl on February 5 and all familiar faces will return, including Carson Daly as host and Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as judges.