Coachella Wants to Multiply to Five Shows a Year

September 13, 2012 By:
Coachella Wants to Multiply to Five Shows a Year

Right when you thought you had to hang up those feathered headbands, tattered tank tops, and hipster dream catcher necklaces until next year…

Coachella makes moves to expand the highly publicized southern California “It” music festival to—not two, not three, no, not even four—FIVE concerts a year.

This new shake up by Goldenvoice, the LA-based concert behemoth behind the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, has been revealed in new documents served to the city of Indio, which is where the outdoor desert concert takes place, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The city is currently investigating the environmental impact that “five concerts a year through 2030” would have on the area.

Reportedly, three of the concerts will take place over consecutive three-day weekends in the spring, and two weekend festivals in the fall. They’re also seeking for an attendance increase from the current maximum of 95,000 to 99,000 and the acres size of 535 to 601.

This is hot off the news a few months ago that Goldenvoice is taking the festival to the high seas with S.S. Coachella “Festival at Sea.” The ship will set sail in its inaugural concert with bands Pulp, Hot Chip, and the Rapture.

Coachella, which for the first time made what already felt like a major expansion from one to two weekends this past year, is already kind of stressful.

Do you think five Coachellas a year is overkill? Throw in that luxury oceanliner and is Coachella just officially overboard?

Honestly, I don’t know if there is enough Urban Outfitters clothing to go around…