Coachella Lineup Revealed: Heavy on Pre-2000s Rock

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Coachella Lineup Revealed: Heavy on Pre-2000s Rock


Indie rockers, binge drinkers and degenerates unite!

Just weeks after the first ever S.S. Coachella set sail to mediocre attendance and reviews, the 2013 lineup has arrived. And, like the concept of a music festival cruise line, the list seems geared toward a slightly different crowd. 

Compared to last year’s headliners like The Black Keys, Girl Talk, and a Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg combo that presented a spectrum of the recording industry, this year’s recruits favor one genre.

Headliners include Blur, the Stone Roses, Phoenix, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Add to that the likes of Lou Reed, Modest Mouse, Hot Chip, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Franz Ferdinand and that’s a lot of rock… And a lot of it pre-dates the current millennium we currently exist in.

In fact, there are hardly any electronic acts at all, a huge shocker for fans that got more than their earful at last year’s ceremonies with acts like Avicii and DJ Shadow. 

Still, don’t get us wrong… We’re not disappointed in the lineup. 

Just because some of the rock groups selected have a little dust on them doesn’t mean they can't be appreciated. And one would have to have their head screwed on upside down if one were seriously going to attempt to complain about Lou “freakin” Reed.

Some will surely note that one act NOT featured in the list is the Rolling Stones. The aging rockers, gearing up to hit the road yet again on their 50th anniversary tour, were a strongly rumored selection.

A full list of the lineup is viewable at Coachella’s Twitter page. 

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