Cody Karey on Expanding a Genre

October 27, 2013 By:
Cody Karey admits that where he grew up is "a very remote corner of the world." Fort St. James in British Columbia, Canada was orginally established as a fur trading post and today still only has a population of about 5,000. But that's a big part of what shaped Karey into the person, the artist and even the foodie that he is today.
When he was four, his parents discovered that he had a voice and enrolled him in lessons—classical; it was the closest thing around. It wasn't until he turned 11 that he truly fell for the format. 

"I heard Josh Groban's first record when I was about 11 and immediately fell in love with the genre and just related with it right off the bat," says Karey. "I respond to and am fired up by rich, orchestral music that sounds like it has passion."
In addition to Groban, connections are already being drawn to Michael Bublé. The three artists share early mentor affliations with industry mogul David Foster, too. Karey hardly minds finding himself in the same category as Groban and Bublé, though. "There are definitely less favorable artists to be compared to," he says with a laugh.

Along with the traditional foundation, there are obvious pop, rock and even folk influences on Karey's new self-titled debut album. He says that "a whole lifetime" of inspiration and work went into making the LP and that the tracks are all unified by a "nod to classic chord progression."
"If I hear a great rock or and amazing pop song with a beautiful chord progression and inspiring melody and relatable lyrics, I respond to that to," he says. "I guess I just respond to good music."
Karey might be continuing a tradition, but he still thinks there is plenty of territory left to be explored.
"There's so much room to grow within this genre because it's not really well-defined," he says. "As long as we keep writing good songs and as long as people are out there who are listening to good and honest music, I think we'll always have a place to go from where we are."
Cody Karey's debut album is available now on iTunes. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and his official website.