Cody Simpson: I Give Out ‘Hundreds’ of Hugs a Day

October 25, 2013 By:

Let’s make one thing clear before we continue here. Cody Simpson is only 16. That’s how old you were when you finished the 10th grade. Already the Australia-born singer’s wrapped a U.S. headlining tour, published a book and built an impressive army of followers. Most recently, he performed at the Hub Network’s Halloween Bash, which will air October 26, 8–10 p.m. ET 5–7 p.m. PT.

Mr. Simpson stopped by the Stereotude studio and we got to sit down and chat. And yeah, we asked the tough questions.

How many hugs do you give out in a day?

Hundreds. Yeah, it’s pretty intense, but everyone wants a hug.

What’s the guide to a perfect selfie?

I don’t know. I think selfies aren’t the best if you smile. You’ve got to be more serious, because selfies are just corny enough as they are. So if you smile, it just makes it worse.

Do you have a nickname for your hair?

No, I don’t. It’s just my hair.

If you had a nickname for your hair, any ideas what it would be?

No (laughs).

How many pairs of sunglasses do you have?

Countless, I think. I’ve tried to stop spending money on sunglasses because I’m really good at losing them.

Sharks are scary. True or false?

True. I’ve never seen one.

How is your turtle doing?

(Laughs) My turtle’s good. He’s down in Florida hanging out. Frankie.

Does Frankie have a Twitter account yet?

No, he doesn’t. That’s a really good idea.

What does it take to get you angry?

I don’t get angry. Like, if I’m angry, I’m really quiet most of the time. … I won’t talk really, unless I have to. When I’m angry, I’m silent about it. It’ll just be like I’m down. I’m sad.

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