Chris Martin Still Upset Over Plagiarizing Scandal

October 27, 2011 By:
Chris Martin Still Upset Over Plagiarizing Scandal

Back in 2008, Coldplay was sued for plagiarism by guitar great Joe Satriani who claimed that the band stole "substantial" segments from his 2004 song, "If I could Fly" for the Coldplay hit single, "Viva La Vida."

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has recently been very outspoken about the plagiarism lawsuit claiming, "I don't steal people's music."

Coldplay and Joe Satriani settled out-of-court in 2009, however, Satriani isn't the first musician to claim that Coldplay stole several bars of music for the Viva La Vida track.

Yusuf Islam, better known as Cat Stevens first recorded the popular melody in 1973 for his song, "Foreigner Suite." Then Joe Satriani used the same two bars in 2004, then a band named Creaky Boards used the same music in their song, "The Song I Didn't Write" in 2008, but since their title basically says they didn't write the song, I guess they are off the hook.

But Martin is still fuming about that incident. He tells Mojo magazine, "That situation was really...not very nice for us. Four of five different people said that we'd stolen the same two bars."

Yeah, why was everyone ganging up on Coldplay? If all those bands are suing Chris Martin for the same two bars of music, why aren't they suing each other? This is America, damnit, this country was built on lawsuits. Also, how can Joe Satriani sue Coldplay when Cat Stevens should have sued Satriani first? Also, who the heck is Creaky Boards? Why isn't everyone suing them? Gang up on the little guy!

Martin continues, "Everyone who knows us knows that we don't work like that. What was particularly upsetting about that was the level of vitriol...I find this topic hard to navigate because it makes me so emotional. All I will say in closing this is that I don't steal people's music, and I never will."

So Coldplay just happened to write a song that sounds nearly identical to several other songs that came before him. That can totally happen, right? Great minds think alike or something like that.

In other Chris Martin-is-angsty news, Chris says he'd be suicidal if fans don't like his new album "Mylo Xyloto."

"The day our albums come out I want to kill myself. Really, I feel suicidal."

He also adds that if you don't like the album, you can just use it for a bonfire or something.

"I think it's one of our roundest albums, it's almost a perfect circle of a CD, it costs less than £20 and if you don't like it you can always burn it to get some warmth, so it's a three-pronged reason to buy it."