Coldplay "Paradise" Music Video

October 19, 2011 By:

Coldplay just released the music video for their newest single, "Paradise" and the video isn't so much about paradise as it is about pachyderms. Let me explain.

The video begins with an a plush elephant looking sad in a London Zoo. The "elephant" breaks out of elephant jail, I mean, the zoo. He travels by bus, by subway, and by train to end up at his eventually destination of South Africa. Why South Africa? I have no idea.

The elephant eventually sneaks onto an airplane, which makes no sense because he could just as easily purchase a ticket. How did he pay for the train ticket? Stupid elephant. He then performs on a street corner for some extra change.

The elephant tries to buy a bike, but he only has enough money to afford a unicycle. This is the part of the video where Coldplay is like "Hey we aren't boring and totally have a sense of humor." The elephant rides the unicycle out to the desert and removes his plush elephant head momentarily revealing that underneath he is actually Chris Martin which was really only included so that Chris Martin can prove he's good at riding a unicycle.

The Chris Martin elephant eventually ends up in the desert with his other bandmates, who are also elephants. Then the elephants make it onstage and BAM it's Coldplay dressed as elephants performing at a sold-out arena. For this portion of the video, the video used live footage from a concert where the band wore just the elephant heads in concert.

I may just be super literal, but this video proves that if you are an elephant and you escape from the zoo, you will eventually become a rockstar. Rags to riches err'body.

The song "Paradise" is off the bands fifth studio album, "Mylo Xyloto" which will release on October 25, 2011. The albums first two singles, "Paradise" and "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" sold a combined 1.14 million copies.

This video is just like the band itself. Mostly boring with random moments of accidental brilliance. However, it's nice to watch. It's better than those other mellow rock music videos where the band tries to act out the lyrics of the song with the band's lead singer and an actress hired to play the love interest or when the band is just filmed walking through abandoned streets while smoldering at the camera.

The band tweeted that you can get one of their other singles for free on itunes when the rest of the album drops, "You can now stream Hurts Like Heaven for free in all iTunes Stores where Mylo Xyloto is out 24 Oct (inc UK and US)" the band tweeted yesterday.