Coldplay to Take a Break

March 27, 2009 By:
Coldplay to Take a Break

Coldplay is considering taking a break from the music industry, so their fans don't grow sick of their music. Like that would be possible!

Both Chris Martin and guitarist Johnny Buckland hopes the hiatus will keep their fan base from tiring of them.

Buckland says, "We ended up doing much more touring than we originally planned so there's no time to do proper justice to a new project. And anyway people may need a bit of a break from us.

"We're taking a little break and let's see where we get after that. We've got a lot of ideas but we want to find a new way to go and that may take some time."

The band threatens to quit once every few months, so we're hoping this so-called "break" is quick one. Are you sick of Coldplay?