The Colourist Have That California Sound [Exclusive]

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The Colourist Have That California Sound [Exclusive]
Image By: Thea Goldberg

What is the "California sound"? Is it the howl of Jim Morrison? The spandex and big hair of Motley Crue? Maybe the laid-back grooves of the Red Hot Chili Peppers? It's an aesthetic sculpted by suburban sprawl, gridlocked freeways and scenic beaches, all in the shadow of Hollywood. On March 25th, Southern California will be adding another impressive act to the anthology when The Colourist release their debut album.

"This is our first year touring, and a lot of people from a lot of different states say, 'You have that California sound,'" Adam Castilla told Stereotude. "I don't know what that means, but it must mean something when you're in negative twenty degrees in Minnesota."

So much of The Colourist's debut is in fact warm and sunny. They have crafted pop songs with reverent care, creating polished hooks and prophetic lyrics that conjure both coming-of-age and the trials of adulthood.

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The quartet set up shop in Eagle Rock, a Los Angeles nook, to grind out their album after the release of their EP, Lido. "Before we started tracking, we went up to Big Bear to write some tracks that ended up on the album," said Castilla. From those cabin sessions came songs poised to conquer festivals and radio stations.

The Colourist took the stage of the Troubadour on March 4th, as their first ever headlining tour got underway, and offered their catchy tracks to a jubilant sold out crowd. Their enthusiasm, their harmonies, and their tight chord progressions are undeniably infectious. It is also evident that they are succeeding together, which frankly, is not a universal quality.

"Our next single 'We Won't Go Home' is the first song that we all wrote together in one room, from start to finish," said Castilla. "We never get sick of playing that song."

If this album were a car, it would be a candy-apple red convertible, polished until it sparkles, and obviously with the top down.

Catch them on tour and check out their video for "Little Games" below.