Corbin Bleu is Moving at the Speed Of Light

January 19, 2009 By:
Corbin Bleu is Moving at the Speed Of Light

Corbin Bleu is best known for his role in the High School Musical movies, but be prepared to see a lot more of him. He’s transitioned into the music world, and is coming out with a brand new album called Speed of Light. Corbin’s not new to the music industry. High School Musical served as a great platform for him, and allowed him to release his debit album, Another Side, two years ago.

And now Corbin’s back with his second album, Speed of Light. Hollyscoop got the chance to speak with Corbin at the at "2009 NAACP Awards Nominee Announcement," in regards about his new work, which is out March 10th. Corbin got to work with A-list producers Eric Hudson and Brian Kennedy on the album.

He told, “So great to be able to work with them. Eric Hudson produced Kanye West’s Flashing Lights. Brian Kennedy produced Disturbia. And Claude Kelly, who’s a lyricist, has worked with numerous people…Akon, Leona Lewis, Michael Jackson.”

Those are some big shoes to fill! Corbin also talked about what type of music the album is going be. He said, “It’s R&B-Pop. And I think it’s definitely a club album. Something to be played loud in the club.”

It sounds like our little Corbin is all grown up! He’s come a long way since HSM, and we have a feeling Corbin is going to become one of the young R&B artists to watch. For the full scoop on Speed of Light, check out our excusive video below.