Courtney Love Stops Drugs While Finishing Album

December 19, 2008 By:
Courtney Love Stops Drugs While Finishing Album

Who is Courtney Love when she’s not on drugs? It’s like Christmas with no presents! But the singer says she’s stopped taking her antidepressants while recording her new album, so that she can confront her inner demons. Sounds spooky! Her music is so dark to begin with, that we can’t imagine what her lyrics will be like when she isn’t taking her happy pills!

But Courtney insists her fans will be able to see the real her when she releases the upcoming LP Nobody’s Daughter next year, because she did the whole thing drug-free.

She tells Britain’s Elle, "I'm off antidepressants for the moment because my album producer wants me to feel the rage, wants me to be really angry, wants me to face the demons. And I am so f***ing angry! I'm getting back on them as soon as recording the album is finished. I'm not going to punch anybody, but I have to do two hours of exercise and chanting a day to feel good."

Wow! Well that would explain her recent angry rants on her MySpace page. It’s so hard to understand what she’s talking about half the time, but she’s definitely pissed off about something.