R.I.P. Crystal Castles: Listen Back to Their Best Songs

October 8, 2014 By:
R.I.P. Crystal Castles: Listen Back to Their Best Songs
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Today is a sad day for Crystal Castles fans. Alice Glass of Crystal Castles broke the news on Twitter that the duo are broken up and going their separate ways. 

*Insert incredibly sad, crying emoji here*


Crystal Castles, thank you for the ten beautiful years of incredible music you've given us. You were Grimes before Grimes was Grimes. Alice, you will forever be a style icon and we can only wish we could be as weird as you. Ethan, you just rule. 

Listen back to some of their greatest songs:



This song will forever be one of my favorite songs. It lived on my Myspace profile playlist for a fair amount of time. Oh, the nostalgia.



Another absolute classic. We miss you already, Crystal Castles.


"Courtship Dating"

Those synths, Alice's haunting vocals. It's all just too good.


"Alice Practice"

Alice's onstage "antics" are unlike any other.


"Not In Love" featuring Robert Smith from The Cure

Robert. Smith. From. The. Cure. 


"Lovers Who Uncover"

This one's a remix of The Little Ones, but Crystal Castles puts their own spin on it making it amazing, of course.


R.I.P. Crystal Castles. You will never be forgotten.