Fact or Fiction: Daft Punk, Bieber and Coachella

January 31, 2014 By:
Fact or Fiction: Daft Punk, Bieber and Coachella
Everyone loves to argue! In Fact or Fiction, we take the most relevant topics of the week and put them up for discussion with Stereotude's resident experts. This week, the Grammys, Justin Bieber, Coachella and Seattle vs. Denver are all debated.
Daft Punk deserved to win Album of the Year:
Jemayel: Fact - Yeah, sure, it was a good album and it managed to appeal to pretty much everybody in some way - which, despite Macklemore's best efforts, was a unique trait this year. Also, I'm just stoked that a record with Panda Bear (of Animal Collective) won Album of the Year. 
Noel: Fact - I have to agree, they deserved to win. Not just because it was a great album, but also because compared to the other nominees, it just had far better production and even better hits. I mean, did you really think that Taylor Swift was going to beat out two robots? Well, apparently she did. 
Bieber has officially lost it:
Jemayel: Fiction - No way. The current state of perpetual meltdown he seems to be in is all a ruse plotted by some enterprising PR agency. He's being rebranded as an adult and a bad boy and there will probably be a lot more rapping on his next album.
Noel: Fact - First off, I know way too much about his situation. I have to agree that it will be beneficial to his transition into "manhood" but I don't think any PR team would recommend a 19-year-old get a DUI and act like a douche in order to sell records. Miley twerking is a little different than Bieber's lean addiction.
Coachella is the world's premier music festival:
Jemayel: Fiction - It might be one of the world's most iconic, but Coachella tries to appease way too many subcultures at once and ends up losing some of its credibility because of it. The Primavera Sound lineup shows you can play it big and still pull out some unquestionable legit-ness.
Noel: Fact - I love that the festival encompasses all those different subcultures because I like more than one kind of music. Plus, have you been to Coachella? There is plenty of room for everyone, literally and figuratively. If you're a Coachella hater, you've probably never been. 
SUPER BOWL SPECIAL: Seattle is a better music city than Denver:
Jemayel: Fact - Even though Denver is now a hub for electronic music and is the home of that funky, glitchy, bassy sound championed by the likes of Pretty Lights, Seattle can boast everyone from Nirvana to Macklemore to Jimi Hendrix. PNW for the win.
Noel: Fiction - Seattle may have some big historical names but Denver is transitioning into the future. They are progressing with the times by doing things like evolving amazing old rock show venues into awe-inspiring places for booming EDM shows like Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Sorry, but Macklemore doesn't count as the entire future of Seattle music.
FINAL SCORE: 1 for 4. These two don't get along. Let us know what you think under the comments section!