YouTube All-Stars: The Evolution of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’

June 12, 2013 By:

If you’re rolling your eyes over this headline like, “Gawd…not another Daft Punk cover,” then you need to suck it up, because this is one you absolutely need to sit through.

Electropopn'roll musician PV Nova, who goes my the name pvnova on YouTube has gifted unto humanity the “Evolution of Get Lucky.” In it, with brief segments all sequenced together, he examines what the summer megahit would have sounded like if it were recorded during different decades.

As the track progresses, sunglasses on the right side of the frame highlight the particular era we have magically wandered into. Why? Because it's awesome. Meanwhile, commenters battle it out for which rendition reigns supreme (personally, our favorites are 1930 and 1980), or simply plead for complete cuts of each one.

For good reasons, the post has already soared to nearly one million views since being posted two days ago. Take a moment to enjoy this masterpiece.