Minnie Mouse Twerking vs. Asian Girl Sassy Dance

February 28, 2014 By:

We were lucky enough to come across two of the most fun and weird dance-related videos on the Internet. The first is Minnie Mouse twerking at a kid's birthday party. The second is a tremendo-rad Asian girl teaching us some of the most legit dance moves possible. We thought we'd send them head-to-head to see if you could pick a favorite. 

Just because Minnie Mouse is a rodent and probably, like, 90 years old at this point doesn't mean she's not allowed to get down. Get down, Minnie, get down.


Y'know how Rihanna just busts through her choreography with a look on her face that says "Whatever"? This video is like that except the dancing is WAY better and the girl gives SIGNIFICANTLY less of a heck. 


Can you pick a favorite?