D. Woods On Why Danity Kane Broke Up

February 13, 2009 By:
D. Woods On Why Danity Kane Broke Up

What do you do when you're dismissed from a popular girl band and you have to make your way through the industry on your own? You hold your head up high and you keep pushing forward. That's exactly what D. Woods is doing.

D. Woods of Danity Kane is talking to Hollyscoop in a candid interview about her dismissal from the group, P.Diddy, and her relationship with Aubrey O'Day.

Hollyscoop caught up with the singer at the NAACP Awards after party to get the scoop on her life post Danity Kane. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Hollyscoop: You have so many fans that wanted to see Danity Kane back together, is that how you feel also? How does looking back at the experience make you feel now?
D. Woods: "I feel like everything happens for a reason, it came to an end when it needed to. There was a lot of outstanding issues and obviously that was the only way it could be resolved. And I know that I did my very best in the situation. I added to the group in the way that, I knew how to be a group member. I provided us with choreographers, with management, song writing, and everything that I could. But if your services are not being appreciated you gotta take it elsewhere."

Hollyscoop: From a viewer’s standpoint, it seemed like you were really seizing the opportunity. Maybe some of the other members were on a different page, is that what happened?
D. Woods: "I think everyone works differently, but I think that if you could just respect everyone's work ethic, which ya know everyone has different work ethics, and I think that's the reason why me and Aubrey gravitated to each other. Because we have very magnetic personalities and sometimes that can rub people the wrong way."

Hollyscoop: So it’s safe to say that you and Aubrey O'Day still connect and talk business?
D. Woods: "Yeah actually I am gonna hook up with her later cause it's her birthday."

Hollyscoop: She is doing a Playboy thing at Apple Lounge right?
D. Woods: "Yes Yes, come on you should come, Haha."

Hollyscoop: Ok lets talk Diddy. On the show he has stated that you sorta caught the wrath of Aubrey, does that mean that maybe you could still have a soft spot for him?
D. Woods: "I definitely always want to keep it respectful, he has done a lot in this industry. You never wanna burn bridges, that what I was taught. But after him lecturing us about making decisions based on emotion, he went in and made an emotional decision. I don't think it was that, I feel like he had very clear reasons why he came in that room and decided to terminate those that he did."

Hollyscoop: Are you at the point where you are focusing more on yourself, or if the phone rang from Diddy would you consider going back into that situation?
D. Woods: "I think, because when the episode aired it had actually happened two months ahead of that, so I'm one who is very flexible and I'm like ok if that’s not the plan anymore, keep it moving and stay motivated. Stay positive. Congratulate people with what they are doing, and maybe we will cross paths again maybe we wont."

Hollyscoop: The NAACP event was tonight and President Obama is in office, what are your emotions right now?
D. Woods: "I feel like all the kids at school who are doing their Black History Reports have so much to write about this month, I am kind of lost for words. This is the whole idea behind the NAACP, The Advancement of People of Color."

Hollyscoop: Jennifer Hudson, like yourself is a young strong performer. How do you think she is facing life considering her recent loses?
D. Woods: "She is really blessed, She enormously talented and sometime when your that talented you are a gifted person. Not to get to spiritual but sometimes you are a chosen child of God and I commend her for staying on a path and blowing us out the water every time she performs. I love when she performs."

Hollyscoop: Chris Brown & Rihanna. Nobody knows the whole story just yet, what are your thoughts on this terrible situation?
D. Woods: "What's so ironic about the situation, I saw Rihanna earlier that day at a brunch, I saw Chris Brown the night before and I just really wish it hadn't happened. But you know... you never know what happened or what the circumstances were. They're both really young and really talented, and this industry is hard on young people finding their way and making their mistakes. All eyes are on them so a lot of people are going through