Daughtry Debuts New Album Leave This Town

May 7, 2009 By:
Daughtry Debuts New Album Leave This Town

If you saw Daughtry perform on American Idol last night, they’re proof that losing the competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Chris and his band rocked out a new song from their follow-up album to Daughtry, which sold 5 million copies worldwide.

The new album, Leave This Town, will feature over twelve songs, including No Surprise, which they performed last night. Chris Daughtry, bassist Josh Paul, drummer Joey Barnes, and guitarists Brian Craddock and Josh Steely recorded Leave This Town in Los Angeles.

Chris says of their new project, “Much of the album explores the different paths we take in our search for transcendence. A lot of it is about how leaps of faith can set us free or tie us down, and how we often find heartache when we run from something and redemption when we run toward something.”

Leave This Town will be released through 19/RCA on July 14th.