David Archuleta Inks Record Deal

June 5, 2008 By:
David Archuleta Inks Record Deal

Idol runner-up David Archuleta isn't letting a second place finish get him down. He's officially a signed artist! He has signed a deal with 19 Entertainment/Jive Records. So we can expect him to pump out an album in no time! The only downside is that the deal was made with the same label all the Idol winners and some Idol rejects get signed to.

19 Entertainment is still affiliated with Nigel Lithgow and American Idol, so they still have last say on anything little David does. We'll have to see if the two David’s will manage to make a decent album.

The track record for ex-Idols seems to be getting worse and worse through the years, with Carrie Underwood as the exception.

David says this is a dream come true and he's really excited to start working on everything. What kind of album do you think we can expect from him?