David Cook Reacts to New Idol Judges

September 28, 2010 By:
David Cook Reacts to New Idol Judges

David Cook was a part of American Idol at just the right time—before Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and pretty much everyone except Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson bailed on the show.

Since his win in 2008, Cook has been nonstop working on his music. He’s currently working on his second album, and tolf Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY what we can expect, and what he thinks of the future of Idol.

“I’ve been working on a new record since we got off the road late last year,” Cook told us. “Lot of writing, and we’re looking at early next year getting it out.”

David says he had “way more time” to spend on this album than his debut. He said fans can expect “a lot of different instrumentation, expanding on what we did on the last record, and hopefully bringing a few new ears into the group.”

As for American Idol, Cook told us he’s “hopeful” the show can survive without Simon Cowell. “Simon was a big part of the process for me,” he said. “I think the show is going to live or die on the contestants.”

Cook also told us his thoughts on J. Lo and Steven Tyler joining the judging panel. “I’m just excited to go back and meet them…I’m going to have to try real hard not to fan out on Tyler.”

He hopes the two new judges bring some “fresh perspective.”

Cook hopes to go back and mentor the contestants. “If they’ll have me,” he joked.

We’re sure they’d welcome David back any time! Check out our EXCLUSIVE coverage with Cook at the 6th annual Pink Party below.