David Guetta and Usher "Without You" Music Video

September 23, 2011 By:
David Guetta and Usher

DJ/Producer god/brainchild, David Guetta has just released a lyric video for his latest single, the Usher assisted track, "Without You." In case you were wondering what a lyric video was, it's a music video that features no human talent, but rather the lyrics to the song appear on screen in fun and exciting ways, like scrolling patterns and bright colors.

I love lyric videos, because I'm so sick of music videos of bikini chicks booty shake while SKY vodka is promotionally poured. Actually, I pay more attention to a lyric video than a regular video because I'm trying really hard to focus on the scrolling and cascading words. I've even rewinded a lyric video several times just to catch that word I missed. "What was that word!?" *rewinds* "It was 'oh oh.'" Thanks lyric video!

Also it's good to see Usher doing what he does best. This is one of those uptempo ballads songs that allows Usher to prove he can SANG but is also fun to dance to. I mean, Usher's last hit "OMG" was cool, but what self-respecting man names his single after a popular internet meme? Why doesn't he just call his album "LOLCAT" and release another single called "BRB"?

Anyways, "Without You" is the third single off Guetta's fifth studio album "Nothing But The Beat." The song was written by Guetta, Usher, and Taio Cruz and has peaked at the #5 spot on UK Dance charts and #15 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts peaking hirer than Tony Bennett's duet with Amy Winehouse and Colplay's latest single, "Paradise."

Guetta's first single off "Noting but the Beat" was "Where Them Girls At" featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj. The video features large bubbles traveling all over Los Angeles, causing women everywhere to dance uncontrollably and attract them to David Guetta's rooftop party.

His last single was "Little Bad Girl" featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris which featured the trio hunting for women, specifically bad girls, at a party that never ends. So basically, two videos about women and partying.

The new single is a departure from the lets-go-to-the-club tracks he previously released. "Without You" features Usher crooning about being lost and paralyzed without that special someone.

David Guetta says the "Without You" track is the most emotional song on the album, "it's possibly the biggest track on the album," says Guetta of 'Without You,' "It's a monster, so big, so emotional."