David Guetta "Little Bad Girl" Music Video

July 18, 2011 By:
David Guetta

David Guetta released another new single of his upcoming album. The song and video for “Little Bad Girl” features Ludacris and Taio Cruz and will be on Guetta’s fifth album “Nothing But the Beat” to be released August 30.

The video features Guetta DJ’ing at some warehouse party where skinny hipster girls are dancing around with glow sticks. Taio Cruz makes his way through the nighttime crowd, wearing sunglasses of course, and calls out all the little bad girls around him.

It’s hard to focus on the video because I’m constantly distracted by the fact that David Guetta needs a haircut real bad. Anyways, the video proves that Guetta’s music is so intense it reverses the rotation of the earth, which is only believable if you are on ecstasy, which is probably true if you go to warehouse raves and listen to David Guetta.

In the video, Guetta and his club rat friends run out to the beach and stop the earth from rotating, and then time starts to move backwards. Pretty cool, I suppose. Because who doesn’t want a few more hours of a totally awesome David Guetta dance party.

Club rat: Awww it’s 4:30 am already, but I just drank another 5 hour energy…

David Guetta: Listen to my music and you can stop time!!!

Club rat: Omigod I’m so glad I go to raves!

Oh and then Ludacris shows up and does that thing where he raps really fast. Probably only place you’re gonna hear this song is at “the club” or while partying with those European dudes you met in college who were all named Jean-Baptiste and Thibault.

Also, there’s some vitamin water product placement that, on the real, made me really thirsty.