Jessie J and David Guetta "Laserlight" Music Video

April 10, 2012 By:
Jessie J and David Guetta

Today we’re talking about British pop stars and no we’re not talking about One Direction. (I know, I’m sad too, how can I turn this story into something about One Direction?)

Anyways, UK songstress Jessie J has teamed up with super-producer David Guetta for the song “Laserlight” and the result is near perfection. Because Jessie J is kind of an amazing singer, who unfortunately has to hide behind auto-tune and do the pop thing, she comes close to showing off her actual range on this mid-tempo house track by David Guetta.

Also, Jessie J actually looks like a lady in this video! She’s finally graduated from those ridiculous unitards she was rocking all of last year.

The video recreates a total club-banging party, intercut with scenes of Jessie J sitting in front of a mirror and hanging out in an empty auditorium.

This track is the third and final single from the singers debut album, “Who You Are.” It will definitely start heating up the club in no time.

It’s also the second collaboration between Jessie and David Guetta. They last time they teamed up, it was for the song “Repeat” off of David Guetta’s “Nothing But the Beat” album.

Jessie J is in LA this week to perform a show in Hollywood, hoping to ride the UK-US invasion success just like artists such as Adele, The Wanted…and wait for it, One Direction.

See, I told you I’d find a way to work One Direction into this.