Deadmau5 Bites Back at Disney

September 5, 2014 By:
Deadmau5 Bites Back at Disney
Image By: Charley Gallay

When Deadmau5 gets bit, he bites back ten times harder.

Disney filed a formal opposition against Deadmau5 and his attempt to trademark his mouse head logo in the United States. Deadmau5 was not about to go down without a fight. The EDM DJ filed a cease and desist letter against Disney for illegally using his song "Ghosts N Stuff" in a short cartoon called "Ghosts N Stuff Re-Micks."

Not only did Deadmau5 file this cease and desist, he posted it on his Twitter for his 3 million followers to see. 

Apparently Deadmau5 wishes he could have worked with Disney?