Debi Nova Talks About Being the Next Shakira

May 18, 2010 By:
Debi Nova Talks About Being the Next Shakira

Debi Nova is slowly but surely making a name for herself, not only in the Latin music world, but mainstream as well. The gorgeous Costa Rica-born singer has a new album out today called Luna Nueva, and she sat down with Hollyscoop to talk all about it!

“It’s a collection of all the material I have been working on for the last couple of years,” Debi told us EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s a good representation of who I am. I’m a Latina that lives in the U.S. so it’s in English and Spanish. As far as songs its super free so there are songs that are in both languages within the same song. I play guitar, piano and bass.”

We love the whole “Spanglish” vibe on the album, which was something Nova says happened “really naturally in the studio.”

“I had no idea what was going to happen,” she confessed. “Midway through the process I realized that that I was writing the same way that I was communicating with my friends and family. It’s a mix, so the songs came out that way. Midway I knew that it was something that I deliberately wanted to do to represent other Latinos like me that speak both languages.”

Many people are already comparing Debi Nova to another prominent Latina artist who has made a huge name for herself in the music industry. Care to venture a guess? Yes, it’s Shakira! Hollyscoop asked Debi what it’s like to be compared to such an icon. She told us, “I absolutely love Shakira, I’m honored to be compared to her. It could not get any better. I honestly think she is the reason why an album like mine is able to come out. She has paved the way for music in Spanish to be considered mainstream in America. I do think that when people hear the rest of my material they will see that I am very different from her, but don’t mind being compared to her at all.”

The first single off of Luna Nueva is “Drummer Boy,” a song we love! Debi dances in the video, something she says is in her blood. “I love dancing and the song is really fun. It’s about bringing people together to dance to the same beat of the drum. It was really natural to me to just get dance. All the dancers that participated with me were super inspiring,” she added.

Debi has already worked with some huge names, including Ricky Martin and The Black Eyed Peas, but is ready to be at the forefront now with her new album.

Luna Nueva is out in stores and on iTunes now. Check out her music video for “Drummer Boy” below!