Behind the Beats: Dee Jay Silver

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Behind the Beats: Dee Jay Silver

This week's "Behind the Beats" star is Dee Jay Silver. Originally from Nashville, Silver has been a top touring DJ/remixer/producer for more than ten years. He has played in premier venues in pretty much every major market in the US, Mexico and Canada. Silver has toured with huge acts like Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts, Eric Church and Chris Young. His high-energy performances get the crowd moving, whether it's stadiums or clubs around the world. Get to know more about Dee Jay Silver:


When and how did you first decide music was your life?

Right after college…tried the 9-5 thing, it was terrible!

Who gave you your biggest break in music and how?

Not sure it was actually my biggest break…but it was huge for me…made me realize there is a whole world I wanted to explore! In 2002, I got a call from MTV networks to do Spring Break parties, MC, host nightclubs, day parties, pool parties, and events on the beach. That was an eye-opener for me…playing with some of the best DJs in the world. Made me wanna do it all!


What equipment do you use for production? What about DJing?

2 Pioneer CJD-2000 CD players
1 Pioneer DJM-900 or Nexus mixer
Serato DJ program
Apple laptop


What's the toughest part of the DJ lifestyle and how do you deal with it?

Constant travel. I’m only home 3 or 4 days a month. It’s all we know and I'm lucky to have someone that understands and supports me!

How would you describe your process of creating a song from start to finish?

Sometimes it takes minutes or hours… sometimes it may take a week. It starts with an idea, hit the studio and take it from there. I’ve got some great people around me that are amazing in the studio and honestly make magic!


Who has been your biggest inspiration musically? 

Willie Nelson and Dr. Dre.


What’s the one song you love playing in your set right now?

“Drunk On A Plane” by Dierks Bentley on the country side.

“Rage The Night Away” by Steve Aoki feat. Waka Flocka Flame.


Who is your favorite up and coming artist right now?

In country, Sam Hunt. On the electronic side, Caked Up.

What’s the one food you always include in your rider?

Peanuts and the most important food…whiskey!


Where do you see electronic music going in the next five years?

Bigger than we can ever imagine! I see online music festivals and more sub-genres than we can ever imagine.