5 Things We Know About Demi Lovato's New Album

November 13, 2012 By:
5 Things We Know About Demi Lovato's New Album

Demi Lovato is so excited about her next album, she can barely contain herself“!!!” (note: those exclamation points are a direct quote from one of her tweets).

Demi asked rhetorically if we were all ready for a new album from her just a few weeks back on the social media site—no doubt fueled into further momentum by her much watched gig on X Factor. New judging title, new “Divas Live” performance, new album, new eyebrows! Go, Demi!

Whether on Twitter or in person, the entertainer’s enthusiasm is so giddy in fact, it got us wanting to know every squeal-worthy detail, but after reaching out to Demi’s rep it seems there’s still a tight lock on it all. “She is recording,” her rep tells Stereotude, but “there isn’t anything else right now to share.”

The as-of-now untitled disc is still in its early stages, but here’s what we know so far!

1. Demi’s new music keeps her awake at night. At around 2 in the morning last night, Demi didn’t give her eyelids a break and tweeted to her more than 10 million followers, “Listening to rough cuts of some of my new songs…. Get excited Lovatics!!! WOO :D”. Demi may appear to be all cozy and comfortable in an X Factor chair (even while sitting next to Simon Cowell—a miracle), but she’s anxious and can barely sit still when it comes to making new music in the studio. In fact, she can barely sleep either!

2. She’s channeling Adele. Demi shared some lyrics from one of its tracks and its full of conflicted melodrama. "Can you be my nightingale? Sing to me so I know you're there / We'll never fall apart / ‘Cause we fit together like two pieces of a broken heart / I hate you, don't leave me, I feel like I can't breathe / Don't touch me, just hold me / ‘Cause I want you to love me / But I need you to trust me / Stay with me, set me free." Damn, Lovatics, are you sobbing yet?!

3. No dubstep. It may be all over every pop song on the Billboard Top 40 right now (even Taylor Swift dabbles in the waffly bassline for her song “I Knew You Were Trouble”) but don’t anticipate Demi to. “No dubstep for me, I’m good,” she told Popsugar. “I miss hearing real instruments on the radio—I want to be able to bring that back to pop radio.” Something she’s already doing with “Give Your Heart a Break,” so expect a less dance-y album.

4. There could be a Britney Spears collaboration. Demi fawned that she “would LOVE” to record a track with the pop icon, and seeing as how they already get along co-judging singers, why wouldn’t they get along on the simply singing part?!

5. There could be a Lea Michele collaboration. The “Glee” actress, who is also recording an album of her own, let is out of the bag when she raved on Twitter that Demi is recording in the booth right next door to hers. It’s easy to blend harmonies when you’re in the same building after all!