Demi Lovato Releases New Song, "Skyscraper"

July 12, 2011 By:
Demi Lovato Releases New Song,

Demi Lovato released her new single at midnight, the song is called “Skyscraper” and it’s already in the top 10 on itunes.

This is good news for Lovato who’s had her fair share of public mistakes this year, i.e. going to rehab, getting in a fight with a back-up dancer, dating Wilmer Valderrama.

The pop ballad, “Skyscraper” allows Lovato to air out her personal issues from this past year. “This song is so special to me because it’s inspired by my journey and the struggles that I’ve dealt with this past year,” she tells Seventeen magazine, “I am still on a personal journey dealing with my own issues each and every day, but the best advice I can give to anyone going through a rough patch is to never be afraid to ask for help.”

The video for the single will drop tomorrow and a 10 second teaser has leaked which features a somber Lovato making hard-core eye contact with the camera, way different than the low-key Avril Lavigne wannabe she used to be.  

After the song released last night Lovato wrote, “Okay I'm literally balling me eyes out right now…So grateful for my friends and fan’s support…Wow…So happy, so blessed.”