Demi Lovato Sings About More Issues on Upcoming Album

July 20, 2011 By:
Demi Lovato Sings About More Issues on Upcoming Album

Demi Lovato just released her newest single “Skyscraper” after a long time away from the music scene and stints in rehab. The song allowed the singer to open up about her struggles and issues she’s being dealing with for several years such as self-harm, being bipolar and having eating disorders.

However, Lovato says that was just a teaser? Apparently she has even more issues she sings about on her upcoming album that she “has never even spoken about before.”

This poor girl, what else has she had to deal with?

She told E! news, “There are some topics on the album that are very deep and it’s really out there.” I thought Lovato made fake emo music for 13 year olds…guess I was wrong about her. This is some real Ani DiFranco sh-t (note to younger readers, Ani DiFranco is a singer from the 90’s with many emotional problems i.e. Demi Lovato)

“I’m singing about some issues that I’ve never even spoken about before. So I’m going there,” says Lovato of her new album.

However, no popular album should be too heavy. Lovato says fans can expect, “There are a lot of songs that are dancier and a lot more R&B vocals. You’ll have to wait and find out.”

We can even look forward to a song on the album that’s a duet “with an R&B artist.” Oh wow! So vague! Who could it be? Probably some unknown artist with a ‘lil’ in their name.