Demi Lovato Teams Up With Dev on New Song, "Who's That Boy"

September 16, 2011 By:

Uh oh, you guys. Demi Lovato is making "in da club" music now.

Demi's last album was all break-up songs, so basically, every song was about Joe Jonas. Now, she's like "I'm 19 and I'm going out with mah girlz to hook up with randos on the dance floor." My girl Demi is growing up!

Demi just released another single, the Dev assisted dance track, "Who's That Boy" which is a song about seeing a dude at the club and being like, "he's hot, who is that?"

Dev is that singer/lady rapper from the Far East Movement track, "Like a G6" and her own radio hit, "In The Dark," which is currently playing several times per hour on KiisFM.

While Demi's BFF Selena Gomez is staying squeaky clean, this new track from Demi is saucy.

Dev opens up the song with one of those "girl raps" where she trills, "I wanna get you by yourself/Yeah, have you to myself/I don't need no body else/Don't want no body else."

Rhyming "self" with "self" and "else" with "else"?! Wow, that's word play! Go Dev, f-ck rhyming dictionaries!

Then Demi launches into the R&B/Dance/Pop track where she claims, "You're looking like an angel, With that kind of body it needs a spotlight," and other lyrical gems like, "Don't know who you are/but you be looking like a star/and everybody here be thinking, who that boy?"

Damn, now I wanna know who it is!? Who's that boy, Demi!? It's probably just Liam Hemsworth or any of the dudes from "Vampire Diaries."

I have a feeling this is a song that Rihanna passed on.

Rihanna: "Who's that Boy?" But I already have a song called "Who's That Chick?"

Music Guy: You're right Ms. Rihanna, we'll give the song to Britney Spears.

Rihanna: No, not Britney...someone less popular.

Music Guy: Ke$ha?

Rihanna: No, Demi Lovato.

The song wraps up with Dev rapping, "He's one of a kind/The cherry to my pie" and then "Who's that boy watching my hips? I wanna know who you are."

Oh him? He just got escorted out by security. Yah, someone complained that some boy was creeping and watching everyone's hips.

This song, along with Demi's other single "Skyscraper" will appear on the album "Unbroken" set to be released on September 20.