Life Lessons for Destiny's Newest Child

June 11, 2014 By:
Life Lessons for Destiny's Newest Child

Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland revealed she is pregnant with her husband-manager Tim Witherspoon's baby. Kelly Instagrammed a picture of two Air Jordans, one adult-sized and one infant-sized. The caption reads, "I'll be stuntin like my daddy…" 


As an OG Destiny's Child member, Kelly delivered some influential life lessons for both men and women through song. We've highlighted some of the most insightful lyrics about life and love for Kelly's baby-to-be.


If the baby is a girl:


Buy your own diamonds. Be an independent woman.

Your shoes, diamonds, rings, house, bought that.


But let him pay your bills, especially your telephone bills.

Even though you have the money to pay, let him buy you things.


You are not one to sit around and be played.

Make him say your name. You heard the voice of someone else next to him? Uh-uh, girl, oh no.


Make him prove he can hang with you.

You're too bootylicious for him.


If the baby is a boy:


Don't be a bug-a-boo.

That hottie just gave you her number? Don't blow up her phone. Play it cool.


Work hard for your girl; she'll cater to you.

She'll feed you, brush your hair, and help you put your do-rag on. Oooooh~


If she's the one, put a ring on it. ASAP.

She will be up in the club. Other brothers noticin' her. Don't lose your chance.


Stand up for her. Be her soldier.

Women want a self-sufficient man who looks strong and talks strong.


And remember:


Never give up, always work harder.

Be a survivor.