Diplo Talks Katy Perry Relationship in Billboard

August 22, 2014 By:
Diplo Talks Katy Perry Relationship in Billboard

Diplo is probably the most important man in EDM. Yeah, yeah Calvin Harris might have scored the top spot for the richest DJ in the world, but Diplo by far surpasses him on influence.

He had white people twerking to his music a year before Miley Cyrus even dared to shake her ass. He started the viral "#ExpressYourself" pictures, and now the "Random White Guy" t-shirts. Go on Twitter, and Diplo's influence is EVERYWHERE.

It comes to no surprise that Billboard chose Diplo to be their latest cover star. He opened up to the publication about his eight-figure lifestyle, collaborating with Madonna, and his relationship with Katy Perry. 



Diplo is a daddy to his three-year-old son Lockett. If you take one look at his Instagram, you can tell Diplo loves being a father and absolutely adores his son. Inside sources have told Stereotude that Diplo has another baby on the way, from Lockett's mother Kathryn Lockhart. 

So what's the deal with his baby momma? Because Diplo has been pictured several times this year hanging with Katy Perry. They are rumored to be dating, or at least "sexting" each other from time to time,

He even let Katy's name slip during the interview. "Katy uses Uber when she's out in LA, but sometimes a driver tries to take a picture of her," he said. 

We're rooting for Diplo's baby momma, Kathryn. Think about the kids!


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