How to Explain: Electronic Music to Your Parents

January 30, 2014 By:
How to Explain: Electronic Music to Your Parents
Image By: Simon Russell

We recently watched an episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," mainly because Disclosure was the musical guest. The two brothers gave a fantastic live performance of "Latch" accompanied by Sam Smith. 

Then we had a distracting thought: our parents watch the show, and not just our parents, but a lot of middle-aged parents. What were all of these parents thinking when they saw two guys turning knobs, hitting electronic objects and calling it live music? Probably nothing good. If you want to give them some guidance when it comes to understanding this new type of performance, we're here to help. 


First off, you could explain that it is the modern version of their rock 'n' roll.



Then compare all those little knobs and buttons to how an astronaut flies a spaceship.



And tell them the beats are meant to liberate dance moves.



Then you can explain the general loving sentiment of the shows. 



And you can add a thought about how beautiful the visuals are.



Then when your parents ask if you're on drugs…



Don't blame us!