DJ Paul van Dyk on Madonna's Drug Rant: We Aren't All Drug Addicts

April 3, 2012 By:

DJ Paul van Dyk is one of the first superstars and biggest names in Electronic Dance Music and has famously been a pioneer of the anti-drug movement in EDM music, which is usually known for it's ecstasy use.

When Paul got word of Madonna's now infamous “Have you seen Molly?” (Molly = ecstasy) speech at Ultra Music Festival he gave us his two cents much like DJ Deadmau5, calling Madonna's words “stupid” and a poor “career move.”

“I think it's a rather stupid move for someone who has been an influence to so many people,” Paul tells Stereotude, “She is trying to connect to a younger audience by using that sort of drug language, but her trying to use the drug issue might be a rather wrong move in her career.”

Paul thinks Madonna's careless words have reversed all the hard work that he and many other DJ's have been trying to create for the EDM community.

“A lot of artists, including me, have been fighting for people to understand that we aren't all drug addicts and drugs users, that we are actual artists that actually make music,” says Paul, “Finally people understand that electronic music is an art form and then here comes Madonna, puts herself on the stage and basically talks nonsense.”

I think it's safe to say that Paul van Dyk wont let Madonna lend her vocals to any of his songs anytime soon.

As for what Paul does look for in a collaboration, he says he's always open to find that next great collaboration.

“There are so many talented artists out there, the guys from The Killers, Lincoln Park, Placebo, and Pink. There are so many great artists, for me it's very important that they have something unique to bring to the music.”

By the way van Dyk fans--you can freely stream Paul’s entire album this week below: