DMX Caught Smuggling Drugs Into Jail

July 12, 2011 By:

DMX has been in and out of prison for various rockstar-type crimes such as: drug possession, DUI’s, criminal possession of a weapon, theft, and something called criminal mischief.

He is currently doing hard time for violating his probation by using drugs.

Now, he’s supposed to be released from prison tomorrow, but his out date has been postponed for at least a week, if not longer, after law enforcement officials discovered that he had been sneaking drugs into jail.

DMX is like the “bad kid” from your 3rd grade class, just replace ‘sniffing Elmers glue’ with ‘abusing illegal narcotics.’

A rep for the prison wouldn’t disclose what kind of drugs were found on the rapper.

But sneaking drugs isn’t all he’s done wrong. While in prison for the past 7 months he’s committed several disciplinary infractions such as: unauthorized smoking, disrespect to staff, disorderly conduct, disruption, and possessing drugs and narcotics.

Those infractions actually sound like a shot list for a DMX music video shoot.

So this is the scene where DMX turns a table over, punches a guard in the face and then lights up a blunt. Ok? And action!