Fact or Fiction: DMX vs. Zimmerman, RHCP, Taylor Swift

February 7, 2014 By:
Fact or Fiction: DMX vs. Zimmerman, RHCP, Taylor Swift

Fact or Fiction is Stereotude's weekly battle royale of opinions on all things music. This week, Ricky the Intern takes on Jemayel the Editor. Let's see what happens.


George Zimmerman vs. DMX is a good idea

Ricky the Intern: Fact - Hells yeah! I just want an excuse to see DMX take his shirt off, but if I get to see George Zimmermman get punched as well?! I'm all in.

Jemayel: Fiction - I mean, even if this is for charity, we're making this asshole a celebrity for killing a kid. Plus, what happens if he wins? 


Red Hot Chili Peppers should not have mimed their performance last week

Ricky the Intern: Fiction - I don't really care as long as I get to see Anthony Kiedis with no shirt on. Flea, I can take or leave, but Kiedis? Definitely. 

Jemayel: Fact - Fact in theory, but it didn't seem like they had a choice. It's one of those false arguments where anybody who really cares about that sort of thing probably wasn't watching anyway. 


Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are doin' it

Ricky the Intern: Fiction - No way, she's way too cute for him. He's just her straight, gay best friend and they're both very happy with the situation.

Jemayel: Fiction - He wishes! I think she keeps him around because she thinks he offers some sort of indie cred, which is not a logical train of thought around. There's nothing indie about gingers. 


Final score: 2 outta 3 ain't bad. Maybe the intern will be sticking around. Tell us what you think!