World Cup Athletes Banned from Using Beats Headphones

June 18, 2014 By:
World Cup Athletes Banned from Using Beats Headphones

Does anyone remember the London 2012 Summer Olympics? America did freaking awesome. We took home a grand total of 104 medals. ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR.

You know who else scored big? Dr. Dre and his Beats. 

Beats by Dre were on pretty much every head of every major athlete at the event. Dre even made custom Union Jack flag Beats for key British players. The Olympians were tweeting about their Beats and wearing their Beats before matches.

This ingenious marketing tactic proved successful because everyone was talking about Dre's Beats.

Now with the World Cup, Beats by Dre have tried to dip their hands into another worldwide sporting event. They recently put out this five-minute long epic commercial starring Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. Other guest appearances include Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Robin van Persie, LeBron James and more.

It seems like Beats won't have their shining moment at the World Cup this year. The headphones have been officially banned by FIFA. Why? Sony is one of the six major partners of FIFA. None of the athletes are allowed to have Beats anywhere near them at matches and other media events. Sony even sent every player a free pair of their own headphones.

Maybe next time, Dre.