Drake Debuts His Aaliyah Tattoo

January 16, 2012 By:
Drake Debuts His Aaliyah Tattoo

Drake just tweeted a photo of himself working out at the gym where fans can get a glimpse of Aaliyah’s face etched across his back…Sorry, I’m supposed to writing a story about Drake’s back tattoo, but I can’t really focus, on account of, Drake is hanging naked from a Bowflex machine!

Now that I have composed myself, Drake has a giant tat of Aaliyah on his back. He’s also got some ink of a bird in flight and his infamous OVO owl. However, this isn’t the first photo of the Aaliyah tattoo that surfaced online.

In December, he was playing a shirtless game of tennis with some bros (What? You don’t play hetero shirts and skins tennis matches, too?) and fans could glimpse an accidental peek at the tattoo.

Drake is apparently a really huge Aaliyah fan. He sampled her song “[At Your Best] You Are Love” for his song “Unforgettable.” He also wrote her a personal letter detailing how effected he was when he found out she had passed away.

No idea when he got the tattoo, but let’s talk about his muscle building venture some more.

Drizzy has got to bulk up as his Club Paradise Tour kicks off on February 14, 2011 in Miami and wraps up in Nottingham, England at the end of April.

Normally I can’t stand it when dudes tweet pics of their buff bods, but I’ll make an exception for you Drizzy Drake.