Drake's New Album Has Third Best Debut of the Year

November 23, 2011 By:
Drake's New Album Has Third Best Debut of the Year

Drizzy Drake's sophomore album “Take Care” soared to the number 1 spot on the Billboard album charts in its first week of sales. The album sold an impressive 631,000 copies in it's first week making this album the third highest debut of 2011 behind Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV (964,000 copies) and Lady Gaga's Born This Way (1.1 million copies)

Drake can do no wrong. Apparently, no one seems to care that he was once on a Canadian teen soap opera where he played “the wheelchair kid” but now he's got stred cred (somehow) and everyone loves him. Don't get me wrong, I've jumped all the way on the Drake bandwagon and I'm never jumping off.

Drake, who is rarely humble (ex: see the opening lines of his single “Headlines”) tweeted this modest twitter post to thank fans for buying his album, “I can't even find the words to express my appreciation…'thank you and I owe you' is all that comes to mind…truly.”

Drake's debut album Thank Me Later, which dropped in June 2010 opened to an impressive 447,000, but that's nothing to what he's doing now.

However, we'll see if Drake can hold the #1 spot as Rihanna's “Talk That Talk” released this week and Mary J Blige's new album also debuted this week.

As a member of Young Money, Drake's record setting numbers mean nothing to Young Money's CEO Lil Wayne, “Pardon me for sounding however I sound with this statement, but we rich as sh--, so numbers and record sales, that doesn't matter to none of us," Wayne told MTV News, "We just want to get a perfect point across, a swell opinion across."

Wayne says it's all about the critical reception of Drake's album rather than album sales.

To promote his new album, Drake made an appearance on Chelsea Lately, because Chelsea likes creepy lingering hugs with rappers. She dated 50 Cent, you guys.

When Chelsea asks Drake if he was drinking white wine spritzer back stage, he said, “yeah, that's my drink of choice. I'm like a Golden Girl from Fort Lauderdale.”

He also talked about how he writes about a lot of women in his songs and then will eventually play the songs for the girls he's rapping about, “I guess the thing is, I'm very honest in my music, it can make for an awkward room.”

Before Drake was famous he was friends with someone on myspace who claimed to know Lil Wayne who told Drake he would give his music to Lil Wayne. Drake didn't believe the guy but said that one day, “I was at the barber shop getting a haircut and Lil Wayne called me, which was obviously shocking, in the middle of a haircut. Well, Lil Wayne calling at any time is shocking, regardless of the haircut.”

Of course, Handler had to ask Drake about his relationship or hook-up with Nicki Minaj to which Drake got all googly eyed and tried to deny it by saying he was just a “huge Nicki Minaj fan.”