IceJJFish and Mr. Papers Win, Drake Loses

February 14, 2014 By:
IceJJFish and Mr. Papers Win, Drake Loses

It's been an eventful week in the world of music. Let's take a look at how the cards fell with this week's Winners and Losers

Winner: Datsik - Talk about bringing down the house. At a show in Chicago this past week, heavy bass ambassador Datsik's sub-low frequencies caused the ceiling to start crumbling above the crowd. Sure, three people were injured and Datsik had to end the show, but they will forever have the tale of how Datsik nearly caused a bassquake. Check the Interwebz for videos.

Loser: Drake - The dweebiest gangsta you've ever seen made himself look like a bit of a dick this week when he went on a Twitter rant after finding out that he was to be replaced on the cover of Rolling Stone by a tribute to the recently deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman. Dreezy then deleted the tweets and offered a written apology. 

Winner: Mr. Papers - Nope, this guy is not your mailman nor does he run a copy shop. He's the guy who has put a child inside Lil' Kim. Way to go, dude - that vagina looks fierce. Congratulations on the baby and the new Twitter followers. 

Winner: IceJJFish - We live in a world where people are rewarded more often for being shitty than for being good. That being said, IceJJFish is a huge winner this week, racking up millions of views for a video featuring bad dancing and THE WORST singing. Watch the video:


Loser: All of Us - For watching that video. What has become of us?!