Sneak Peek of 'Take Care' Music Video - Drake & Rihanna

April 6, 2012 By:
Sneak Peek of 'Take Care' Music Video - Drake & Rihanna

After delaying the video release to “Take Care” for what felt like ages, Drake has finally teased us with a few seconds from the forthcoming video.

Drake described it as a “very artistic, very abstract video,” and from this 15-second teaser, that seems pretty accurate. The simple black and white video features Drake in a plain black tee rapping at the camera while Rihanna rocks her blonde mane in a white sweater. Also, there's a ram? Or maybe a bull? Either way, what's it doing there?

One person who did see the video was Rihanna who told Capital FM, “I can't wait to see what all my fans think. I saw it a couple of days ago. I love it,” she said, “It's beautiful. It's different from anything Drake has ever done.”

True, most Drake videos feature him wearing a gold chain, of sorts, and driving in a fancy car, or toasting someone with champagne. This is all Drake, all day, 'err day.

The director Yoann Lemoine said the shoot was great because of Drake and Rihanna's chemistry.

“They seemed to be super close, and that's what I wanted for the video. They fit together pretty well, so it was just easy.”

Lemoine also teased, “It's not narrative at all, and it involved animals.”

Aha! That explains the bull/ram horns!

The full video will premiere tonight at 7:56pm on MTV along with the premiere for Drake's video for “HYFR (Hell Ya F-ckin' Right) with Lil Wayne.

Good Friday? It's more like Drake Friday!

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