Stripper Accuses Drake of Threatening Her, Then Takes it Back and Apologizes

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Stripper Accuses Drake of Threatening Her, Then Takes it Back and Apologizes
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Drake just loves them strippers.

Maybe it's time Drake gets himself a wholesome woman? Because he's currently being investigated by the police for allegedly threatening a stripper named Jhonni Blaze.

It's the age old he-said-she-said story. Blaze supposedly filed a report with the Houston police department claiming that Drake had his people come to her house and threaten her if she went public about the one night they spent together. 

According to Blaze's report, "We messed around and then he switched up on me messing with everyone. I think he thought I was one of the others that expose him…and I didn’t so he threatened to send someone for me and guys were looking for me at my job and knocked my door down looking for me at home. He put a price on my head and I never once exposed him.. He got mad because I caught him in a lie and he started doing all of this so I’m calling the police for my safety.”

Hold up. Wait, what? That doesn't sound like Drake at all. The worst Drake would do is write a song about her. Boo hoo.

Of course, after all was said and the media picked up on Blaze's claims, she took it ALL back.

She went on local Houston radio station 97.9 to give her side of the story.

Whoa. "I would never talk about nobody and I don't have nothing bad to say about Drake. I never called the police on Aubrey. I actually called the police because my friend came home and she said that some guys said that they were looking for me. So, I documented that for my protection and for some odd reason people were calling me looney." 

What's more? After people called Blaze out saying that she doesn't even know Drake, she screenshotted and leaked their text messages to prove that she does know Drake.

Baller Alert

Baller Alert

Baller Alert

Damn girl, you look thirsty as hell. Blasting these text messages did not do you any favor.