Listen: Earl Sweatshirt Explains ‘Paul McCartney Time’

November 26, 2013 By:

There’s a difference between regular people time and Sir Paul McCartney time, and Earl Sweatshirt knows it. For one, the Odd Future rapper has an extended history with the former Beatles member starting with the Domino Genesis song “Gamebreaker,” which he’s featured on.

“I am the coldest speakin', you are a ho that's decent / Lookin' to hold and squeeze, and I'm schemin' on dome and peacin' / Back to the olive garden, breaded like Paul McCartney / Beatle, and every time you see him know the armor sparkly”

The verse served as fate. As legend and social media would have it, Sweatshirt and McCartney came to cross paths during back-to-back interviews at the NPR offices. Fast forward to early November when music historian and human serviette Nardwuar questioned the rapper about the strange, albeit destined encounter.

Well finally that very interview that Sweatshirt met McCartney prior to is now available for consumption. It’s an hour long so grab some popcorn, sit back and listen to the underground pioneer chat with Frannie Kelly. Amongst the gold, "Paul McCartney time"…

“KELLEY: Just give it [the next album] as much time as Paul McCartney has.

SWEATSHIRT: Goddamn. Take a 50-year hiatus.

KELLEY: He didn't take that long of a break.

SWEATSHIRT: No, I'm just saying n—— gave it time. You talking about Paul McCartney time? That's some time.”

Listen below.

(via NPR Music)