Echosmith's Hard Work Pays Off on Debut Album

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Echosmith\'s Hard Work Pays Off on Debut Album
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Elise Shively
Jamie, Noah, Graham and Sydney Sierota are siblings. Siblings that get along way better than the average family, which is probably why they were able to form one of the tightest bands to come out of 2013.
That band is called Echosmith, and their debut LP Talking Dreams arrives Tuesday via Warner Bros. It’s been an exciting year for the indie pop ensemble. In addition to prepping for the release along with the typical responsibilities of young adulthood, they've spent the summer as the unlikely act on Warped Tour, which pulls inspiration from groups like The Smiths, Coldplay and Fleetwood Mac.

“We’re such a different band, especially for Warped Tour,” says Sydney, who wields a mighty parasol on stage. “I remember thinking the day before, ‘Oh my gosh. What if nobody likes us? What if everyone thinks we’re weird?”
It was the exact opposite. The response was excellent, not only with the fans but with the bands acts they were sharing the stage with. “Some of the people were saying that we were their favorite bands. Even the metal bands were saying that. It was the weirdest thing,” says Sydney.

With their father in the industry, Echosmith grew up playing music together. They'd cover anything, from a reggae version of The Cure’s “Love Song” to Coheed and Cambria. About six years ago that passion started evolving into them writing their own music.
A lot of time and effort went into Talking Dreams; two years of writing, six months of recording and over 90 songs to narrow down, to be exact. They recorded the album with family friend Mike Elizondo (who has worked with Eminem, Tegan and Sara, and Kimbra to name a few). The band describes the process as collaborative, artistically freeing, and most importantly, rewarding. 
“This is stuff that we genuinely like. … it shows our perspective,” Sydney says. “We’re just positive and happy about life, which you can tell through our music. And that’s pretty much it.”

Echosmith’s Talking Dreams is available on iTunes October 8th. You can follow the band on Twitter, Facebook or on their official website.

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