Ed Sheeran Is Perpetually in the Friend Zone

May 15, 2014 By:
Ed Sheeran Is Perpetually in the Friend Zone

Ed Sheeran is a darling young man with oodles of songwriting ability, a fanciful croon, and legions of fans worldwide. He has everything going for him, except one thing...he's always in the friend zone. 

This photo of him with Hilary Duff just surfaced, and we're getting total friend zone vibes. Check out the arm around the shoulder:


Here's Ed with his muse, Taylor Swift. He's been barking up that tree for years with no success while she dates one dingbat after another...


He's stuck in the rut of being the funny and cute guy who is always there for her.


Here he is trying to sneak some touchy-touchy with Ellie Goulding. Unfortunately, it didn't work out.


His problem might be that he's not much of a bad boy, as evidenced by pictures like this:


Even when he tries to be, it doesnt really work out.


Don't worry, Ed, you're a lovely man. Here's a girl you might have a chance with: