The Rise of Ed Sheeran, America’s Boyfriend

July 2, 2014 By:
The Rise of Ed Sheeran, America’s Boyfriend

You love Ed Sheeran. We love Ed Sheeran. America loves Ed Sheeran. He’s basically America’s boyfriend. 

The adorable red-headed amazingly talented singer just released his second studio album, x, and it’s already sitting at #1 on Billboard and SoundScan. x has sold over 200,000 copies in just one week, and has broken the record for the biggest first week for a pop album this year.

Ed Sheeran’s x beat out Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour on the charts. x even trumped Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories as the most streamed album ever in one week on Spotify. Go Ed!!! 

He’s really won us over with this one. Take a look at Stereotude’s album review below:

And if you haven’t already, you need to watch Ed’s MTV documentary series, "9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran." He’s so relatable, honest, and did I mention cute? He’s the boy-next-door pop sensation that we'd all like to date. 

You can stream x here, and purchase it here.


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