Ellen Degeneres Turns Music Producer

May 26, 2010 By:
Ellen Degeneres Turns Music Producer

Ellen Degeneres the music producer? Apparently the daytime talk show host is starting her own record label! Girl judges American Idol one season and suddenly knows the ins and outs of the music biz!

According to People, Ellen started the label all because of one little kid. His name is Greyson Chance, and she discovered him after seeing a YouTube video of him singing and playing piano to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” People are also calling him the next Justin Bieber.

"Greyson ... inspired me to start a record label called eleveneleven. He is my first artist, and we are making a record together," DeGeneres says.

Greyson commented, saying, "It just makes me happy. It really just hasn't sunken in yet. It has been two weeks, and it still hasn't sunken in yet. It's awesome."

This kid just struck gold, because not only does he have Ellen on his side, but Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, and Lady Gaga's manager, Troy Carter, have agreed to co-manage Greyson.

DeGeneres says she'll use her new label to sign other artists she discovers through her show. It’s like she’s creating her own mini version of American Idol!

Check Greyson out below!