Elton John: Madonna's Career Is Over

August 6, 2012 By:
Elton John: Madonna's Career Is Over

In his usually delightfully catty fashion, Elton John has referred to Madonna as a “f***ing fairground stripper.”

This is hard to argue with if you look at what she’s been wearing lately—sheer lace bras and clownish dresses abound. Elton also proclaimed that Madonna’s “career is over,” strong words for a man whose last soundtrack album was for Gnomeo and Juliet.

Elton is so very pissed because of the recent barbs Madonna tossed at Lady Gaga over her song “Born This Way” being similar to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”.

Gaga responded with the best comeback ever: one that both displayed her social graces and brought attention to the fact that Madonna is old and crinkly, despite her best efforts: ‘'Things are really different than they were 25 years ago, and that's what makes Born This Way so relevant for me. We're socially in a different place and it's OK, we don't have to all slice and hate each other anymore.'’

This translates roughly to: “Hey, dinosaur lady! We’re using electricity and the internet now. Catch up, and stop being a snot.”

Lady Gaga is the godmother of Elton John’s son Zachary, so the hissy-ness was definitely amped up by their spat—but Elton John has been hating on Madge since 2004, when he accused her of lip-syncing on stage.

Whatever happens between those two, I just hope he keeps coming up with gems like ‘fairground hooker” that I can pepper in to my conversations. Keep ‘em coming, Elton!